Pick up "Chinese goods hot" and pay attention to 8 popular products together

After using various international, European, American, Japanese and Korean skin care products, many sisters have chosen to return to the local market and pursue domestic brands . From the original hot-selling Baique Ling, Dabao, and now to the famous collection of Herborist, suitable herbal medicine, the temptation of cheap and efficient use of the Chinese people are increasingly concerned about domestic products . The newly released popular word-of-mouth products once again show the advantages of high-precision and low-price domestic products , so let us take a look at these 8 popular products, definitely worth a try!

Suitable herbal Inoherb Rhodiola White Mask

Reference price: 69 yuan / 70g

Chinese Skin Care Appropriate Herbal Inoherb Rhodiola White Mask

Product introduction: In the evening when the skin absorbs active, it intensively gives the skin extra whitening nourishment. Rhodiola contains "antioxidant whitening active factor", combined with Centella asiatica and white peony whitening essence, under the effect of "importing yuan", directly deepens the bottom layer to enhance skin whitening power, and nourish rough and yellow skin. After use, the skin is as fresh and fair as white.

Netizen UUJIN said this: The things that suit the herbalism are quite like it! The essence of the gel texture of the mask, painted very thin, easy to wipe evenly, the absorption is also very fast, very good. Will not be sticky, whitening effect can not be seen for a while, but the moisturizing effect is still good, quite moist.

Dabao SOD honey

Reference price: 8.6 yuan / 100ml

Chinese skin care products Dabao SOD honey

Product introduction: It contains rich SOD active substances and is added with active ingredients of natural plants such as ginseng and astragalus. It is easily absorbed by the skin and forms a protective film on the skin surface, which can continuously supplement the skin with SOD actives. And can effectively prevent the loss of moisture in the stratum corneum. Regular use of Dabao SOD honey can delay skin aging, penetrate quickly, and deeply moisturize. It is suitable for the whole family and suitable for all seasons. Make your skin fair, beautiful, and youthful.

Netizen crazyeilly said: This product is legendary, and I will feel very kind when I smell this. It is not greasy at all, the moisturizing effect is also very good, the texture is lighter and thinner, and it absorbs particularly fast as the advertisement says.

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