Correctly distinguish the cotton pad to add extra points to the skin

A cotton pad is an essential multi-purpose product in makeup remover. How much do you know about cotton pads? There are many types of cotton pads on the surface, and the shapes are different. In fact, the characteristics of different types of cotton pads will be different, not all cotton pads have the same effect. To use the cotton pad properly, you can use it to get the best effect. Let's learn how to distinguish the cotton pad !

The city also has a range of uses. Dear readers, do you still know a little about cotton pads?

Cotton pads are generally divided into two major categories: absorbent cotton and non-woven fabrics.

1. Cotton wool cotton pad: It is thicker and softer to touch. It is used in the lotion when applying lotion, but it has the phenomenon of desquamation, the water absorption is weak, but it is soft in texture, suitable for gentle wiping keratin and surface. .

2, non-woven cotton pad: relatively thin, thicker touch, but strong water absorption.

According to the shape, it can be divided into three types: side pressing, no pressing, and all-inclusive.

1. Cotton pad with side pressure: suitable for lotion and thin emulsion. The crimping design prevents deep water and ensures that every drop of skin care ingredients is absorbed by the skin.

2, no pressure edge cotton pad: more suitable for simple mask, the thickness is generally 4-5mm, thicker material can be easily said to peel the cotton into a thinner form, to ensure that the water is absorbed by the skin without spilling.

3, all-inclusive cotton pad: not only the convenience of the pressure edge, but also retain the thickness of the non-pressured cotton pad, but the outer layer of tissue paper technology requirements are particularly high, to ensure that no hair, wrinkle.

Different materials have different effects on cotton pads.

Everyone knows that the most common and best way to use cotton pads is to take a lotion. However, in fact, different materials of cotton pads have different uses.

A hard, rough cotton pad for removing makeup, which can damage the skin, and the texture that is not easy to absorb is difficult to completely remove the makeup. However, the advantage is that it is not easy to lose the cotton wool, and the rough surface has the effect of properly removing the facial keratin. Only the skin that is particularly sensitive to the skin should be used with caution. In addition, it is also suitable for washing off some muddy or creamy masks, or removing nail polish.

Skin sensitive mm or cotton made of pure cotton is more insurance (100% cotton packaging will have a logo), cotton wool cotton cotton is also divided into several. One is a layer of woven cloth with cotton wool inside, and a cotton pad next to it. Because it is soft enough, it is also suitable for use in makeup removal except for the lotion. There is also a kind of cotton pad which is directly pressed with cotton and can not be used for makeup removal. It is not suitable for applying lotion, but this natural cotton pad which is easy to lose cotton is very easy to use. When using, first spray some cheap ocean deep water on the cotton pad. Although it is cheap, it also contains a lot of minerals to maintain the skin's moisturizing effect. Then put the lotion on the moist cotton pad. The lotion is sticky. After the cotton pad is fully nourished, it can be peeled off layer by layer, which can be divided into 4 to 6 pieces, and then attached to different parts one by one, which becomes a simple and practical mask.

Three reasons to use a cotton pad

Reason one: easy to control the amount of lotion

Beauty experts tell us that when the lotion touches the palm of the hand, the skin on the hand absorbs the nutrient content of the lotion first, so the cotton pad can be used to better control the lotion and make it work better on the face.

Reason 2: The wiping action can take away the old waste cells of the skin table and have a slight exfoliating effect. When using toner, especially when using a toner that cleans and shrinks pores in the summer, the wiping effect of the cotton pad can be exerted at full speed.

Reason 3: It can be rubbed evenly, because the skin has a furrow and a cotton pad can fill the bump.

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