Floor and furniture match (Figure)

Bright yellow sofa and dark floor harmoniously match Chen Yanmei

The color of the floor is one of the main colors of the home. Although some floors look beautiful, it is very uncoordinated to put furniture on them, often because the floor style, color and furniture do not match. In the floor decoration, how to match the furniture?

For small living rooms, light wood floors are a good choice. Because of the lack of space, the choice of furniture has long been limited, and the light-colored floor in the small room will make the space appear spacious and bright, and the furniture should also be based on the choice of light color, such as white, wood color, etc. The minimalist style and the idyllic freshness are suitable for small spaces, while the light wood flooring does not give the small room more oppression, but there is not much demand in the large space, both depths.

The neutral color floor is a wild style, no matter what color the furniture can be well blended, but the most suitable furniture for the neutral color floor is either wood color or dark furniture, which is considered to be more color than the white floor. The deep medium-colored floor reflects the consumer's main body and comfort compared to white, while the wood and dark furniture are easier to match and more perfect in terms of visual harmony.

Color affects people's visual effects, warm colors are expanded, and cool colors are contracted. The dark floor is a floor with a telescopic visual effect, so the practical large space house can be purchased if the number of people is relatively small, and the matching furniture is best not to choose dark furniture, because two similar colors match. Together, it will create a feeling of being one, reducing the sense of hierarchy. Suitable color furniture is white or wood-colored furniture, which will create a contrast effect in the mix, making the space more organized.

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