Which brand of inverter air conditioner is good? Inverter air conditioner list

The inverter air conditioner is a special compressor for frequency conversion based on the ordinary air conditioner, and the frequency conversion control system is added. Its basic structure and cooling principle are exactly the same as ordinary air conditioners. So which brand of inverter air conditioner is good ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the inverter air conditioner rankings for your reference.


Which brand of inverter air conditioner is good?






Inverter air conditioner list 1, Gree GREE (in 1991, the top 100 listed companies in China, the iconic brand of air-conditioning industry, one of the world's largest air-conditioning manufacturers, Zhuhai Gree Electric Co., Ltd.


Inverter air conditioner list 2, Midea Midea (beginning in 1981, listed companies, domestic household appliances leading brands, one of the most competitive brands, China's top 500 companies, Midea Group Co., Ltd.)


Inverter Air Conditioning Chart 3, Haier Haier (founded in 1984, world-class home appliance brand, top 500 Chinese enterprises, the world's first brand of white goods, one of China's most valuable brands, Haier Group)


Inverter Air Conditioning Chart 4, Daikin DAIKIN (founded in Japan in 1924, a large multinational company, a well-known brand in the industry, a leading brand in Japan, Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)


Inverter air conditioner list 5, Chigo CHIGO (founded in 1994, the national high-tech enterprise, one of the largest and most complete air-conditioning industrial chain in the country, Guangdong Zhigao Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.)






Inverter air conditioner list 6, Aux AUX (founded in 1986, has won China's famous brand, national high-tech enterprises, 21 national benchmarking enterprises, Ningbo Oaks Group Co., Ltd.)


Inverter Air Conditioner List 7, Mitsubishi Mitsubishi (founded in Japan in 1870, world famous motor brand, one of Japan's strongest R&D strength manufacturers, joint venture, Shangling Air Conditioner Electric Co., Ltd.)


Inverter air conditioner list 8, Panasonic (Japan in 1918, the world's top 500 companies, world brands, large multinational companies, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, Guangzhou Matsushita Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.)


Inverter air conditioner list 9, Hisense Hisense (established in 1969, one of the largest white goods manufacturers in China, famous home appliance brands, large listed companies, Hisense Group Co., Ltd.)


Inverter air conditioner list 10, Galanz Galanz (created in 1978, China's microwave oven industry leading brand, one of the most influential leading enterprises in China's home appliance industry, Guangdong Galanz Group Co., Ltd.)


The above is what brand of inverter air conditioner brought to you by Xiaobian ? The full content of the inverter air conditioner list , I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of which brand of inverter air conditioner, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !


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