Market requirements for the packaging industry

Technological innovation has generated tremendous impetus in the packaging industry. Both Heinz Group and Qiang Brew Beer Co., Ltd. strive to pass positive energy to consumers on the outer packaging of products and soft light when they open the package.

Constant changes in consumer habits have prompted advanced technologies to provide packaging companies with sufficient conditions for maintaining innovation. Analyzing and exploring the future development trend of packaging can be seen from the following four aspects.

Traditional style

The London Olympics, the British Prince William and Kate Middel's wedding ceremony, the Queen's crown coronation ceremony, and the events above all made the entire world feel the patriotism and pride of the British people. Subsequently, the British packaging industry has also undergone corresponding changes for this reason. In the design of packaging products, the emphasis on the traditional style and nostalgic design concept is more important, because the old brand can better reflect the maturity of the United Kingdom. Ancient-style commodity packaging not only plays an important role in the trend, but also gives people a sense of reliability. Based on this, many brands and commodities can easily get consumers' attention because they know that they can be trusted by the public, and packaging happens to be able to deliver this critical information.

Personal packaging

Digital printing and packaging technology has been increasingly recognized by the market. Short-term printed matter has emerged in an endless stream. Personalized printed matter has become one of the effective tools that brand owners use to attract customers. The world-famous beverage company Coca-Cola has already put it into practical use and has expanded its market share by printing personalized labels for different packaging bottles, which has greatly improved the influence of corporate brands and gained high recognition from the market. What needs to be emphasized is that Coca-Cola is just the beginning. There are already many brands on the market that have begun to provide consumers with personalized packaging. For example, Absolut Vodka uses 4 million unique and personalized designs for the wine label, making it a favorite of consumers. Brand suppliers began to increase their influence through the Internet and social media. Consumers' understanding of the term private customization was more profound than before. For example, Heinz ketchup, which is particularly popular on American Facebook and is labelled with personal names, is popular because you can give it to your friends and loved ones as a gift. At the same time, advances in technology have led to more creative product ideas and lower costs. The rise of personalized packaging is a good example of the vitality of the packaging industry.


In order to be successful in the market, brand owners need to understand the potential needs of consumers. For example, convenient packaging is suitable for consumers on the road because they do not have time to open large and complex packaging boxes. New and convenient packaging, such as soft flat packaging, can be used to distribute jams to different people. This is a very successful case. Simple packaging can also be included in the list of cute packaging, the focus of which is the simplicity of opening. In addition, product packaging can also help consumers to identify specific quantification without knowing how much to use, which makes the package look more cute.

creative packaging

For brand owners, the ultimate goal of a good package is to be able to win the attention of consumers on the shelves of supermarkets for the first time, prompting them to make purchases. This is the so-called love at first sight. In order to achieve this goal, brand owners must convey the uniqueness of the product when advertising. Budweiser has been very successful in distinguishing product packaging. The latest beer packaging uses bowtie shapes to capture the eye. The Champagne launched by Tytinge in France was also packaged in bottles of different colors, which eventually became very popular in the market. The reason why many brands' products can be unique is that they deliver the WYSIWYG concept. Similarly, some liquor brands have chosen to use old-fashioned design concepts to convey trustworthy signals to consumers. Loyalty, simplicity and cleanliness are important information brands want to pass to customers. Consumers are also very concerned about environmental protection, so brand owners also need to reflect the environmental protection of goods on the packaging of goods. Brown materials, neat packaging and simple design fonts can make consumers think of environmental protection.

No matter how the packaging design and creativity are inseparable from the improvement of technology. Nowadays, technological innovation has generated a huge boost in the packaging industry. Both Heinz Group and Qiang Brew Beer Co., Ltd. strive to pass positive energy to consumers on the outer packaging of products and soft light when they open the package. Although the packaging industry is trying its best to adopt new technologies, there are still some things that cannot be achieved. For example, it is difficult to distinguish the packaging of goods sold in an online store, and it is always difficult for a courier to distinguish the difference in the delivery of a package. If brands can distinguish between the packaging of sold goods and other e-commerce packages, the results will be very different.

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Liquid Soup

Liquid soap

What is hand sanitizer [1]

Hand sanitizer is mineral oil, fatty acid ester and water, emulsion made of stearic acid soap as emulsifier.

Characteristics of hand sanitizer [2]

Since the birth of hand sanitizer, it is destined to become the mainstream product of daily necessities in the future. Because it has incomparable advantages over soap and soap: soap, soap and other solids have a large contact surface with hands, which is easy to be contaminated with dirt and bacteria on hands, while the contact surface between hand sanitizer and hands is generally only the pump head on the bottle body, avoiding the possibility of secondary pollution; The hand sanitizer adds natural plant ingredients such as pure glycerol, aloe, seabuckthorn oil and vitamin C, which gently decontaminates and is easy to be accepted by the skin. The sterilization effect is more than 90%. In addition, the hand sanitizer can save water and time. When choosing hand sanitizer, disinfection products are better. Compared with ordinary hand sanitizer, disinfection type has more antibacterial, bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects. When using hand sanitizer, take an appropriate amount and rub it on the palm of your hand for more than 30 seconds, and finally rinse it with water. It's best not to dry, just dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel.

Classification of hand sanitizers [3]

The main ingredients of hand sanitizer include surfactants, emollients, fungicides and other additives. According to the main decontamination components, it can be divided into surfactant type, soap based type and composite type;

According to the additional function, it can be divided into ordinary type, antibacterial and bacteriostatic type; According to the use method, it can be divided into water washing type and dry cleaning type; It can be divided into transparent type and turbid type according to appearance.

Hand sanitizer is packaged with convenient pump head, which is easy to use, isolated from external pollution and avoided cross infection caused by soap sharing; Hand sanitizer is a neutral liquid, which is suitable for the pH of human skin, and some products also add moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and seabuckthorn oil, which does not stimulate hand skin.

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