Want skin whitening and moisturizing, keep in mind sunscreen tips

I want my skin to be white and moist. Keep in mind the sunscreen tips.
Summer is here, the most topical beauty topic for girls is sun protection. Everyday sunscreen is more troublesome. Do you look at people who are, and never apply sunscreen skin, do you believe it? Maybe someone else secretly painted sunscreen is not telling you? Girls, don't be lazy, how to lazy to paint the sunscreen out, 8 sunscreen tips are indispensable.
1. Choose the right sunscreen product according to skin type
Sunscreen also recognizes the skin. First, choose a sunscreen product that suits your skin. If it is sensitive skin, it is best to choose anti-inflammatory ingredients. If you have pigmentation, choose vitamin B3 or other whitening agents to prevent sunburn. It hurts the skin instead.
2. Wear thin white clothes and apply sunscreen
what? Wear clothes when you wear clothes. There are many girls wearing light chiffon shirts in summer. If you don't have the habit of playing umbrellas, be sure to apply at least SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. First, squeeze the sunscreen along the shoulders to the elbows. About the little finger high, after smearing, then along the buttocks to the toes, and finally apply a proper amount of sunscreen on the palm of your hand to the chest and back.
3. Apply sunscreen before makeup.
Do not think that the use of a sunscreen index foundation does not need to apply sunscreen, summer makeup in order to pursue a thin and light feeling, the sunscreen effect is often not so good, it is best to apply a layer of refreshing high-power sunscreen base.
4. Do not use sunscreen products for a long time.
If you don't have a lot of sunscreen habits, you will usually have the remaining sunscreens to continue to use every other year. Remember, don't do this! Always use new sunscreen every summer because the active ingredients in sunscreen will gradually reduce it. The effect, remember to check the expiration date before use, so as not to rub a thick layer of defense ability is 0.
5. Acne muscle sunscreen has skills
If you are afraid of rubbing the sunscreen acne, it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a waterproof formula, and wash your face before applying sunscreen repeatedly, and often add sunscreen powder, or use a gel formula to protect the sunscreen. In this way, the skin of the face can be breathable, not covered by sweat and dirt, causing acne and acne.
6. Sunscreen corners can not be ignored
Eyes, lips, ears, underarms, insteps... are easily overlooked, but they are the areas most in need of sun protection. In particular, the thin skin around the eyes and between the eyes is quite fragile, and it is best to use sunscreens for the eyes and lips.
7. Carry a sunscreen sample with you
Sunscreen should be refilled, and it is troublesome to go out with a large bottle of sunscreen. Department stores, counters, roadside clinics, and even dermatology clinics have a lot of sunscreen test kits. Don't underestimate these trial kits. They are easy to carry and can be placed. In the purse, car or cosmetic bag, you can supplement the UV resistance anytime, anywhere.
8. Sunscreen should start with eating
In the summer, eat less "photosensitive food", such as dark food (black sesame, black beans, red beans, etc.), fried foods, coffee, tea, cola and so on. Fruits rich in vitamin C should be eaten, such as tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, etc. These fruits can prevent ultraviolet radiation and prevent the formation of dark spots.

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