Teach you how to distinguish environmentally friendly furniture when you buy

[Chinese wardrobe network] First, buy the first three to see a copy of the inspection report to be stamped

Question: The inspection reports used in the market are different. There are inspections by local inspection agencies, as well as in the field, there are copies, and the original version. The inspection time is also different. Which one is authoritative?

Expert: The inspection report of home improvement products is a necessary condition for entering the market. General merchants use copy copies at the time of sale, but they are invalid if they are not stamped with the red seal of the inspection agency; for the inspection report of the inspection agency in other provinces, it depends on whether the inspection is commissioned or supervised. At the time of entrusted inspection, the inspection agency is only responsible for the samples sent, and the degree of credibility is small. The supervisory inspection report is the result of random sampling inspection of the same batch of products produced and sold by the quality supervision department, and has certain authority. At present, most of the marks on the counterfeit inspection report have been altered, and the inspection of the official seal without the official seal and the official seal of the inspection agency are all counterfeit reports. In addition, the time limit for the test report is valid for half a year, and the test report exceeding the time limit will lose its authenticity.

Second, look at the product identification E1 level can be directly in the interior decoration

Question: Merchants say that their products are good, in the end who is true and who is fake, how to distinguish?

Experts: If you look at the quality of a product, you must first look at the product identification, which includes grades, tree species, implementation standards, size, product name, brand certificate, and formaldehyde emission index. The formaldehyde emission index is divided into E1 and E2. Generally, the E1 grade can be directly used for interior decoration. The E2 grade decoration materials must pass the “finish” (formed with veneer, decorative paper, etc. to form the decoration material) or “painting” (painting or oil). The test can reach the E1 level for indoor use.

Third, look at the implementation of standard labeling, the more detailed the integrity

Look at the implementation standards, it is best to use a wardrobe with national standards, such as solid wood wardrobes, so that it can be relied upon in future inspections. When consumers buy, they must see the product name, specifications, tree species, certificate and environmental protection requirements on the package. These are often ignored by the company, and experts believe that the more detailed the brand, the higher the integrity. Pay attention to how to choose when buying?

Expert: Generally, if there is a business commitment, it should be indicated on the invoice. When identifying the quality of the wardrobe, you can see if there is a gap size, whether the paint is uniform, or use the "shopping inspection" method, the quality inspection department conducts the preliminary inspection.

How to choose environmentally friendly furniture? Put small pieces of material in plastic bags for 24 hours.

Experts: There are two kinds of panel furniture and solid wood furniture on the market. The panel furniture is generally made of particleboard and medium-density fiberboard (using tri-ammonium hydroxide, sliced ​​veneer, fireproof board, decorative paper, etc.) to form furniture materials. ) Later, made into panel furniture. The plate furniture has good stability, easy installation and good shape, but the disadvantage is that the raw material is not good, which will cause indoor pollution. The wood furniture is made of solid wood or solid wood composite material, and the artificial board is the auxiliary material. The advantage is that it has a natural feeling of solid wood. The disadvantage is that if the wood is of poor quality, it is prone to deformation and cracking. If the consumer is worried about the product “formaldehyde exceeds the standard”, the decoration material can be sawed into small pieces and placed in a plastic bag for 24 hours. After opening, there is a pungent smell indicating that the formaldehyde content may exceed the standard. How to complain about the quality of the dilemma after buying?

When purchasing home improvement materials, if you encounter quality problems, you can hold a shopping invoice to the Provincial Consumers Association or the provincial forestry (commercial) product 315 complaint station to make a complaint. After the quality supervision and inspection station inspection, if the quality of the product is unqualified, the consumer may request the merchant to compensate or return it according to the inspection report of the quality inspection organization.

How to choose an inspection agency?

Many consumers report that many merchants now promise to be able to detect the indoor environment for consumers free of charge when selling formaldehyde trapping products. As a result, after the merchants have detected “reaching the standard”, there are still dizziness and the like.

At present, there are many merchants in the market who claim to be able to detect harmful substances, in order to let consumers buy their products. At present, the standard inspection agency, the standard for indoor formaldehyde content testing fees is generally 200 yuan to 300 yuan, not as high as consumers think. After discovering that indoor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, consumers should choose a professional management company that has been approved by the supervision department, has quality commitment, and has a warranty period contract.

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