2013 Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition home industry chain cross-border summit was held

On March 19, 2013, the VIP ITALY Home Industry Industry Chain Cross-border Summit (hereinafter referred to as the Summit) hosted by VIP ITALY Furniture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., with the theme of “Sensitive Living Luxury Home Furnishing Art”, at No. 5, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center The museum was grandly held. The conference focused on the original design of Italian brands, the new marketing model of international homes and the development of the Italian furniture industry in China. During the summit, the famous Italian designer Claudio Nardi also shared various buildings for the guests. Idea and home design experience.

At around 11:00 am on the 19th, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the summit was held in Hall 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The attendees of the exhibition were attended by the deputy head of the People's Government of Shenzhen Futian District, the president of Shenzhen Furniture Association and the Shenzhen Furniture Association. President, President of China Furniture Sellers Association, President of the Third (Shenzhen) Professional Committee of the Interior Design Branch of the Architectural Society of China, famous Italian designer, representative of Italian high-end furniture brand, VIP ITALY CEO and director supervision, Foshan Fulai President of Sis Furniture Co., Ltd., general manager of Wulongyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and other shareholders.

The summit was officially held at the museum at 13:00. The summit brought together the international furniture brand suppliers and the elites of domestic furniture operations, as well as the participation of top international design masters. During the summit, Mr. Hou Kepeng, Executive Director of Shenzhen Association of the Chinese Association, Claudio Nardi, famous Italian designer, Mr. Xu Baiming, Dean of Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute, and Mr. Li Ruilin, Chairman of the Third (Shenzhen) Professional Committee of Interior Design Branch of China Architecture Society, surrounded this Italy. The museum's unique advantages and design quality, the unique significance of Italian architectural design for sensitive life, and the new dynamics and trends of Chinese home design have respectively launched a series of related discussions. Subsequently, VIP ITALY's CEO and VIP partners spoke about the operation mode of Italian furniture in the Chinese market, and expressed unique insights and suggestions for the industry on the current status of the collection of imported product resources in the Chinese market and future development.

After the summit, Italian design giant Claudio Nardi personally led the participants to visit the “Sensitive Living” exhibition area designed by him, and formally experienced the visual feast brought by the top furniture brands from Italy.

This summit promoted further in-depth exchanges between China and Italy in the furniture industry. The concept of high-end consumption was promoted by private design, and the standardized operation mode of imported brands in the Chinese market was proposed. At the same time, the intensiveization of imported brand resources was introduced. The expansion of the professional services sector has also been put on the agenda. The summit also serves as a platform for mutual learning between the two countries, and exchanged views on the design concepts, skills and experiences of Chinese and Italian furniture designers.

About Claudio Nardi-

In Italy, which is full of literary atmosphere, its long history and culture have spawned art, architecture, painting and design. It is a brand of imprint and unique charm. The master of design born in such a country is like an innate creation. , pioneers, and even leaders.

Claudio Nardi, a senior partner of VIP ITALY, was born in such a culturally rich country. At the beginning of its birth, it seems to herald his fame. In the past 30 years, Claudio's works have spread all over the world. Whether it is a luxury brand store designed by him in Italy, a private mansion in the Middle East, or even a government financial office building in the city center or a shopping mall or museum in the metropolis, like many Italian designers who are world famous. Its rich Mediterranean temperament, as well as Italy's unique rationalist style, are clearly reflected in the creation of Claudio Nardi.

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